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Why do we carry on in such a way,
When every step taken seals our fate?
Raping lands and severing hands of those who beg for change
Are we really the dominant species,
When every intention we possess is of greed?
We obsess over meaningless concepts
As if we've forgotten they are as useless as language
Because words lose their meaning
When dispositions are swayed by shiny things
I have lost all of the respect I was raised to believe I should have
If such a frailty deserves any practice
And I won't show it to a race hell-bent on destruction
Attempting for centuries to gain authority
It's been a conquest in vain
Over a sphere of dust and debris
Aren't we all just the dust of stars eternally reinventing themselves?
In a dungeon still locked away
Where no longer I'm silent
My screams echo on out, so loud
I know they can hear me
I know they hear our cries
Spare me your courtesy
I will curtsy as you curse me
I'm exhausted, watching everyone dance around these ever-looming problems
Denying all existence or evidence of obstacles in our path
As if oblivion is an option
(Let's just fix this!)
I find myself staring into a home that I used to call my own
Now but a tomb I will never return to
I will never return

-Excerpt from "Pale Blue Dot" by Carl Sagan




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114 Kassandra California

Free will doesn't exist.

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